Winter Tire Information: What You Should Know

Removing a wheel from a vehicle

If you’ve ever driven around Moose Jaw during the winter months, then you know how slippery the roads can get. To help you get more traction and control while driving during winter, it’s important that you have winter tires for your vehicle. If you’re not too familiar with winter tires and how they differ from standard tires, then don’t fret. The service team at Crestview Chrysler has everything you need to know about winter tires.

Check out our guide on winter tires, and visit our dealership to get your own set of winter tires to help you drive through the cold and snow with confidence.

Winter Tires vs. Standard Tires: What’s the Difference?

Standard tires are meant to last during the regular seasons on Southey roads and aren’t built to withstand extreme temperatures. Winter tires, on the other hand, are built to help you get more traction in snow and ice during the winter months. Here are some other ways that winter tires differ from standard tires:

  • Composition: Winter tires are designed using a different kind of rubber than standard tires. The rubber on winter tires stays soft and flexible during extreme cold, unlike the rubber on standard tires, which stiffens in extreme cold.
  • Tire Tread Depth: Winter tires have deeper tread depth than standard tires, which prevents snow buildup and allows for better traction and control during winter.
  • Tire Edges: Winter tires have zig-zag grooves over their tread, which allows them to dig into the snow and grip harder on ice to provide more control on the road during snowy and icy temperatures.

Benefits of Winter Tires

You now know what separates winter tires from standard tires, but you may still be hesitant to put winter tires on your vehicle. Maybe you think your vehicle can do just fine without them during the winter months. You may be able to drive around Carlyle during the winter months perfectly fine on standard tires, but only winter tires can provide you the following benefits:

  • Better traction and control than standard tires
  • Prevent hydroplaning
  • Prevent snow build-up
  • Allow for improved steering and braking

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When to Add Winter Tires

The ideal time to add winter tires to your vehicle would be somewhere around the middle of November, but this can vary depending on where exactly you live. Usually, you can remove your winter tires around March or April. Many winter tires aren’t made year-round, especially depending on the vehicle you drive. Reach out to our parts store at Crestview Chrysler to get the winter tires you need, so you can handle anything the winter roads throw your way.

Get Winter Tires in Regina

Contact us for more information on winter tires and how you can get your own set for this coming winter. If you would like your tires professionally installed, schedule service with our team at Crestview Chrysler.