Ram 1500 Towing Capacity

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Ram 1500 Towing Capacity

The RAM 1500 features impressive towing capacity thanks to its Max Tow Package. This package gives you the ultimate towing experience by giving you up to 1,588 kg of towing power (3,500 lb). You’ll also find a 3.73 rear axle ratio on the Sport and Sahara trim levels and a 4.10 rear axle ratio on the Rubicon in addition to a Class II receiver hitch and 4-pin wiring connector.

Great, so that’s all well and good, but what does that exactly mean? To help you better understand how much the RAM 1500 can tow, we’ve taken a look at four unique objects you’ll likely never find yourself towing. Ever. Check out some of the oddities that the new Ram 1500 can tow — if you so please.

Explore our Ram 1500 specials when you’ve decided you’re ready to tow almost 4,000 cans of beer or multiple bears. Then, read more about its fuel economy or its lifetime engine warranty as well.

3,811 Original 16 Pale Ales

If we estimate that a 6-pack of beer (including Original 16 Pale Ale) weighs in at about 2.5 kilograms, then we can roughly approximate that the RAM 1500 can tow around 635 6-packs of Original 16 Pale Ale. We don’t know exactly why you would ever want to transport that much Original 16 Pale Ale, but if you ever have a need to do it then rest assured that the RAM 1500 can accommodate your beer venture.

Approximately 3 Polar Bears

You’re not legally allowed to transport polar bears, but if you ever need to then you’ll be happy to know that you can tow at least a few of them. However, it depends on whether or not you’re towing female or male polar bears, as female polar bears weigh in at a lower level.

9,341 Hockey Pucks

You can tow 9,341 hockey pucks assuming you have hockey pucks weighing in at 0.17 kg. Why would you ever want to do that?

20 Ryan Goslings

If you decide you want to not only clone Ryan Gosling but also have a need to tow those clones, then you’ll be pleased to know that the RAM 1500 can tow around 20 Ryan Goslings.

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