Learn the Best Way to Change a Tire

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Changing a Tire

It’s the line that separates the novice drivers from the hardened road-warriors, the one essential skill every motorist must learn: how to change a tire. Although simple in execution, to a newcomer the task can seem awfully intimidating, especially when you’re worn out and tired on the side of the road, still feeling that mix of shock and resignation that goes along with a flat tire. But don’t give up and call AAA just yet—with Crestview Chrysler’s how-to guide, you’ll be able to change your tire all on your own.

How to Change a Tire

  • Step 1—Secure the Vehicle: Make sure you’re on a flat surface before you come to a stop, as it’s dangerous to jack-up the car on an incline. Once you’re stopped, use bricks or wooden wedges to secure the wheels on the opposite side the flat tire so they won’t roll when all the weight is placed on them.

  • Step 2—Set up your area: Once your car is secure, it’s time to get everything together. Roll your spare tire over to the scene, and take the jack out from the panel (usually stored beneath the spare tire in the trunk). Then, if you have a wheel cover, pry it off with a screwdriver. Do so carefully, and try it from different angles if necessary, like when opening a paint can.

  • Step 3—Jack Up the Car: Loosen the lug nuts by fitting the wrench onto them and placing all of your weight on the left, making sure not to remove the lug nuts completely. Then place the jack under the car, lift it up about 6 inches, and remove the lug nuts with your hand, storing them in a safe place. When that’s done, it’s just a matter of pulling the tire off the bolts.

  • Step 4—Attach the Spare: You’re almost there! Now, lift the spare tire onto the bolts (be careful—it’s heavy!), push it in, and reattach the lug nuts, tightening them by hand. Then, lower the vehicle completely off the jack, and use the wrench to fully tighten the lug nuts, putting all your weight to right side this time. After that, all you have to do is replace the hubcap, and you can get back on the road!

Trust Crestview Chrysler for Your Service Needs

Of course, your spare tire isn’t a permanent replacement, so once it’s on, be sure to make your way on over to Crestview Chrysler, located at 601 Albert Street in Regina, to get a new tire fitted. We have a wide variety of high-quality brands to choose from, as well as a huge selection of winter tires, so you can get ready to tackle those tough Saskatchewan winters. If you want to learn more about our services, then contact us online or over the phone at 306-525-5411.

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