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Sometimes staying up to date with all of your favorite things can be difficult, especially if you have a wide range of interests. At Crestview Chrysler, we make our best efforts to ensure that you always have quick and convenient access to all the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram happenings. Our website’s blog includes content surrounding important vehicle announcements, vehicle reviews, purchasing guides, and helpful tips and tricks for purchasing and maintaining a vehicle. Doing this allows us to provide our customers with an easy way to stay informed about what’s currently taking place in the worlds of their favorite vehicles and manufacturers. Keep reading to learn more about the focus of our blogs and see some examples of each!

Vehicle News

A large portion of the blogging that we do here revolves around reporting important vehicle news. This news can range from vehicle release dates to rumors and much more. With these kinds of blogs, readers can easily stay informed about new vehicle arrivals, upcoming vehicle changes and upgrades, talk surrounding vehicle updates and releases, and other important kinds of automotive industry news. A few examples of the blogs that we’ve written on this topic include:

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Reviews and Vehicle Guides

2016 Dodge Challenger Models
We want to make sure that potential buyers are always able to make informed decisions about their purchases. To make this possible, we also like to write blogs about what people are currently saying about a certain vehicle make or model, in addition to blogs that help customers choose the right vehicle for them. With this information, making such an important decision as buying a car becomes much simpler. Examples of this kind of blog include:

  • What Do the 2016 Dodge Challenger Reviews Say? – This blog provides readers with a quick roundup of what reviewers of the 2016 Dodge Challenger have been saying about its attractive styling, sophisticated interior, and high levels of power.
  • Find Your 2016 Dodge Charger Price and Trim – With so many trim levels available, narrowing down which trim is right for a specific kind of driver can be difficult, but with this blog we break down what you need to know about each trim and make the process much simpler.

Helpful Advice

Certain areas of purchasing, owning, and maintaining a vehicle are not always so clear-cut and easy to understand. With all of the special lingo and other potentially confusing aspects of the automotive industry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed very quickly. To help ease some of that confusion and frustration, we often write blogs focused on providing our readers with helpful advice meant to make the process of owning and caring for a vehicle much simpler. A couple of the blogs we’ve written on the subject include:

  • Tips on How to Fix Bad Credit – To help make purchasing or financing a car easier, this blog outlines some of the great ways to approach fixing a bad credit score and the positive impacts a good score can have on your life.
  • How to Read a Vehicle Sticker – When shopping at a dealership, reading those window stickers can be a bit tricky. However, with the help of this blog, breaking down where to find important information like pricing, model specific information, warranty, optional equipment, and standard equipment becomes a breeze.
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Crestview Chrysler Keeps You in the Know

Being knowledgeable about what’s currently going on in the automotive industry is important to a lot of people, whether you work in the field, are in the market for a new vehicle, or are simply a car enthusiast. Regardless of the reason, at Crestview Chrysler we want to make it easy for you to obtain this information, which is where our blogs come in. Get your questions answered and stay up-to-date on current events using our blog, located conveniently on our dealership website.


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