New Subcompact Jeep Slated For 2014 Release

August 2nd, 2013 by
2014 Jeep Cherokee

The currently unnamed Jeep subcompact SUV in development will be cousins with the 2014 Cherokee.

With the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee still hotly anticipated by Jeep enthusiasts throughout North America, it’s rumored that Jeep is also developing a subcompact SUV for placement just below the 2014 Cherokee that is also scheduled for a 2014 release. While the demand for such a vehicle is predominantly in a European market, here at Crestview Chrysler in Regina we feel like there would be quite an audience for this type of Jeep in North America. As it turns out, many automakers are exploring the concept of the subcompact SUV to reach a global audience, but none will be able to provide one with classic Jeep capability and versatility.

Specifications Known So Far

This unnamed Jeep will clock in at about 4.2 metres in length, shorter than the 4.6 metre long Cherokee. Jeep has announced that there will be diesel powered versions of this particular subcompact SUV in other markets, but there are no plans for such a powertrain in North American markets just yet. To give drivers a better idea of how this unnamed Jeep will operate, it is being developed on a front-drive Fiat vehicle platform and will be the second Jeep model to share a platform with the Italian auto manufacturer.

What a Subcompact Jeep Means For the Market

With the rising popularity of subcompact SUVs around the world, Jeep is looking to enter the market with a vehicle that offers a sleek, compact design without sacrificing off-road capability and cargo capacity. Jeep’s CEO has said that this unnamed Jeep will be very competitive from a fuel economy and performance standpoint. It will stay consistent with the current offerings of typical Jeep SUV cabin space while appealing to customers who are cross-shopping this type of vehicle with sedans and hatchbacks. The 2014 Patriot and Compass are currently Jeep’s main crossover and hatchback options, but this unnamed Jeep would expand upon Jeep’s market reach.

Experience Jeep Capability and Versatility!

To really get a feel for the potential this vehicle has to make waves upon its release, feel free to take any of our other current model year Jeep vehicles for a test drive by calling (306) 525-5411 or by visiting our dealership at 601 Albert Street in Regina!

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