How to Purchase a New Vehicle in One Day

April 17th, 2013 by

Sales situation in a carWhen buying a new vehicle, it can be a bit of a process that may span several days. Here at Crestview Chrysler in Regina, we understand this and work hard to make sure that your vehicle purchase goes as smoothly as possible. If you have an important deadline and you know precisely what car you’re looking for, it is entirely possible to make your purchase and drive it off of our lot that same day! With the exact car you want in mind, follow these steps and you’ll be driving your new purchase in no time.


Find Your Car

Thanks to our online resources such as our new vehicle search tool, finding and ensuring that your car is on our lot is easier than ever. Not only will this give you greater control over search criteria, you can call our internet manager to make sure that the car you’re looking for is on our lot before making the trip to our dealership. If the vehicle is available, it’s possible to ask our manager for an email containing the automobile’s window sticker or invoice. Both of these documents will have any and all information you might need about the car. Everything from interior color, to price, to standard features and available options will be listed.


Negotiate the Deal

Now that you have all of the information you need on your ideal vehicle, you’re ready to get a price. If you’re still on the phone with the Internet manager, ask for the best price we can offer and for any incentives or possible rebates. Once you have that figure and your conversation has ended, look up the true market value of the automobile you wish to purchase. You’ll be in good shape if the price quote you received is at or below the true market value of the car. Before agreeing to any offer, make sure you get a price that includes all taxes and fees that will apply to your final figure.


Pickup Your Car or Have it Delivered

For your ultimate convenience, you can actually request to have your car delivered to your home or place of work. When a new car is delivered, this makes the contract signing process go by a bit quicker. If you do decide to pick your new vehicle up from our dealership, we can set up an appointment and we’ll tell you what appropriate documents to bring to complete the purchase. Before signing the contract, double-check to make sure that the “out-the-door” price you received from the Internet manager matches our due amount. After everything has been signed, enjoy your purchase!


Find Your Perfect Car at Crestview Chrysler

We have a host of brand new vehicles in our inventory from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, so come visit our dealership at 601 Albert Street in Regina or give our professional sales team a call at (306) 525-5411 to get started! We hope to serve you soon!

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