How to Prep a Car for Winter

February 7th, 2022 by

Snow tire

With the changing weather comes unpredictable road conditions. In order to keep your vehicle running smoothly and your Moose Jaw commutes safe, you’ll want to ensure you take the proper precautions for the coming winter. Learn more about how you can prep your car for the winter with our service team at Crestview Chrysler in Regina.

Winter Car Prep Tips

Prepping your car for winter can help you avoid future issues such as your vehicle breaking down or losing traction due to balding tires. Here are a few tips we have to help you get your vehicle ready for winter:

  • Check your battery: Before the weather changes, it’s a good idea to run a battery test as the chilly weather tends to make it harder for your car to start. Inspect the battery cables and terminals for cracks to see if you need a battery replacement. 
  • Check your tire pressure: You’ll probably notice your tires deflating at the start of the cold season. As the temperature drops, it’s a good idea to add regular pressure checks to your trips around Carlyle. Not only does improper inflation decrease your gas mileage, but it also fails to give you the necessary traction you need. 
  • Consider winter tires: For areas with heavier amounts of snow and ice, it’s a good idea to consider adding winter tires to your checklist. Winter tires add an improved grip, shorten your stopping distance, and provide you with increased control. 
  • Regular brake checks: It’s also a good idea to add regular brake inspections during this season. Wet roads and ice can cause rust to build up and reduce your brake performance.
  • Check your coolant levels: Ensure your engine is running smoothly by making sure you have enough coolant in your radiator. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual has the right coolant for your vehicle, and you can easily order it from the Crestview Chrysler parts department
  • Change your oil: Another factor of your smooth engine performance during the winter months is your engine oil. Since motor oil naturally thickens in cold weather, it’s a good idea to start off the season off right by scheduling an oil change.  
  • Fill your wiper fluid and replace the wiper blade: Salt and debris from the road can affect your visibility on Regina roads. Consider freeze-resistant wiper fluid and heavy-duty wiper blades for the more harsh months. 
  • Keep the tank topped off: An empty tank allows moisture to build up and leads to diluted fuel and more strain on your vehicle’s fuel pump and other parts. 
  • Check your heater: Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to suffer during your daily commute. Make sure your heating system is functioning properly at the start of the winter season. 

Schedule Your Winter Service with Crestview Chrysler!

If you would like one of our service technicians to take a look at your vehicle before winter comes, schedule service at our service department. We’ll have your vehicle ready to go in no time. Contact our team with any questions in the meantime.