How to Make an Insurance Claim

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Crestview Chrysler Auto Body Repair Shop
Regina and Moose Jaw drivers often ask for our advice about how to make an insurance claim, so we’ve written a quick checklist to get you on track, from the moments following a collision to getting your vehicle repaired. Crestview Chrysler is home to one of the most trusted auto body repair shops in the area, and the vast number of successful repairs we’ve carried out has given us a complete understanding of the process.

How to Make an Insurance Claim

  • Exchange Information: For numerous reasons, an accident is likely to be emotional. Stay calm and exchange information with the other driver or drivers. You’ll need their name, insurance customer number, and licence plate number. You should also get the names and addresses of any witnesses if possible. Remember: don’t attribute or accept any degree of blame during this process.
  • Report the Collision: Most collisions only need to be reported to Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), but it’s worth remembering when the police need to be involved. Contact your local station if: the accident has resulted in injury or death, it’s a hit and run, either driver is impaired, either vehicle needs to be towed from the scene, or if either vehicle is from outside the province or lacking a valid license plate.
  • File the Claim: This can be done in two ways. You an either use the SGI’s online auto claim registration service — Auto eClaim — or call their Dial-A-Claim service during regular office hours. Remember to contact the center closest to your home. Keep your licence, vehicle registration, and — when applicable — your auto extension insurance policy number  to hand during the call. An appointment will need to be set to appraise the damage.
  • Meet your Appraiser: Drive to the claims center or arrange a tow service from SGI if the vehicle is unsafe to drive. You will meet with an appraiser who will thoroughly assess the damage and provide an estimate for the cost of repairs.
  • Have the Vehicle Repaired: Your appraisal should conclude with an outlining of repair costs unless the vehicle is written off entirely, and a relevant printout will be provided. An adjuster will confirm that your insurance coverage is viable, and you will then be able to get the vehicle repaired at a body shop of your choosing.
  • Authorize Payment: Once the vehicle has been fully repaired, your body shop will require you to sign a Certification of Repairs form. This simply confirms that you are happy with the work completed, and that you authorise SGI to make payment to the body shop.

Crestview Chrysler Can Help!

For any other information about how to file an insurance claim, don’t hesitate to contact Crestview Chrysler in Regina, SK. We proudly serve drivers from Moose Jaw and the surrounding communities, and we look forward to assisting you.

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