How-To: Get the Car You Want at a Price You Can Afford

Buying a car
For many drivers, shopping for a new car can be a stressful experience. From deciding what kind of vehicle will suit your needs to finding a vehicle that fits your budget, car shopping is not an in and out process for most. But, with this helpful guide, we’ll give you a little bit of insight on how to stay within your budget while car shopping and still get a great vehicle.

Tips and Tricks for Budget Car Shopping

A lot of different things go into purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle. Probably one of the most important of these is making sure that you can afford a vehicle. The tips below will help you estimate how much you can spend on a vehicle and then how to navigate the dealership with your new budget.

Know What You Can Afford – Before even visiting the dealership, sit down and take the time to find out exactly how much you can afford to spend on a vehicle. This doesn’t just mean how much cash you currently have on hand, but it also requires factoring other living expenses and bills as well.

Calculate the Total Cost to Own – Remember that when you purchase or lease a vehicle, you’re not done Budgetingpaying for it when you leave the dealership. Vehicles also require regular maintenance, registration, inspections, and gas as well. It’s important to consider these factors into your budget.

Resist Temptation – When you’re finally at the dealership, make sure that you hold your own and stick to the budget you had set before leaving your home. Though an offer may sound tempting, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of spending more than you had budgeted for in the long run.

Make a Large Down Payment – If possible, when purchasing your new vehicle make a large down payment. Doing this will allow you to have fewer and cheaper car payments while accruing less interest.

Ask How the Dealership Can Sweeten the Deal – Oftentimes, dealerships will also offer specials that will really stretch your dollar. Ask about possible dealership maintenance offers and warranties. The dealership should be willing to make a bond with you, not just sell you a car and get you off the lot. For example, Crestview Chrysler provides a lifetime engine warranty for vehicles that meet certain criteria.

Staying in Your Budget is Easy at Crestview Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

With such a large selection of new and used vehicles to choose from, making sure that you’re able to stay within your budget is easy. We even have a specialized section dedicated to budget vehicles under $15,000. Make finding the vehicle you want and need simple by visiting Crestview Chrysler today at 601 Albert Sreet in SK or calling 306-737-4958 to schedule a test drive.