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October 26th, 2015 by

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Many drivers around Moose Jaw know that winter tires are crucial for staying safe on the roads during less-than-ideal conditions. Winter tires have a number of benefits you might not be aware of, so keep reading to find out why you should consider getting winter tires from Crestview Chrysler in Regina, SK.

Benefits of Winter Tires

Winter tires are specifically designed with rubber compounds that remain flexible in cold weather and tread patterns designed to grip snow and ice. This unique design helps Regina and Moose Jaw drivers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Stopping Power: On wet roads, top-quality winter tires are almost as good at emergency stopping as normal tires would be on a dry surface, reducing the potential that your vehicle will end up slipping or sliding.
  • Cornering Stability: The grip from the special treads can help your vehicle remain stable while turning on snow-covered roads.
  • Low-Temperature Rating: Winter tires provide a lower temperature rating than regular tires, which is crucial when temperatures regularly drop below 7°C.
  • Increased Traction:  If you will be driving in snowy conditions, winter tires can provide as much as 50 percent better traction than all-season tires.

When Do I Need to Buy New Winter Tires?

Winter tires are specifically designed to work well in temperatures below 7°C — but if the tread on the tires is too low, they will not function properly. Sufficient tread depth is critical to performance, so Regina and Moose Jaw drivers should ensure that they replace their winter tires periodically to maintain their benefits. If you have a question about the life of your winter tires, our team will be happy to provide answers.

Service Your Vehicle Before Winter

Make sure to schedule a service appointment before the winter months to make sure your vehicle is ready for the season. Our dedicated auto technicians can help you prepare for the cold. We can also help you pick out winter tires from our tire store, and we’ll be happy to install them, too!

Find Top-Quality Winter Tires at Crestview Chrysler

Come down to Crestview Chrysler and let us help you pick out a set of winter tires. We regularly run service specials that can help you save money on maintenance and parts, so make sure to check our offers regularly. If you want to talk to one of our service professionals, call us at 306-525-5411 or visit us at 601 Albert St. in Regina, SK. We can’t wait to serve our customers from Moose Jaw and the surrounding communities!

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