Fuel-Saving Technology Coming to Jeep and Chrysler Models

July 9th, 2014 by

2015 200 Interior 1Vehicles throughout the extended family of Chrysler models have gotten a lot of praise of late for their innovative technologies. Rather than relying on gimmicky stylistic touches or oversized engines, Chrysler engineers and designers have started building better cars by building smarter cars.

That proud history is continuing with the introduction of electronic stop-start (ESS) technology to the 2015 Chrysler 200 and 2015 Jeep Cherokee. This technology is a relatively simple but under-utilized method for improving fuel economy without turning to alternative fuels or relying on bulky batteries.

The system relies on an advanced starter motor that detects when the vehicle is at a standstill and when it is in motion. When it is stopped — at a red light or in a traffic jam, for example — the engine shuts off. The driver still has access to all the cabin features and technologies, but as long as the car is not moving, it is not burning gas. As soon as the accelerator gets pressed again, the engine seamlessly restarts and jumps into action. There is no lag time or hiccuping because the system relies on finely tuned sensors and specialized engine technologies.

2015 Chrysler 200

2015 Chrysler 200

The addition of this technology is expected to improve fuel economy by 3% and reduce emissions by 3%. Those numbers might sound modest, but imagine what they add up to over the course of the vehicle’s lifetime. This technology will come standard, not add appreciably to the price of either vehicle, be imperceptible to the driver, and have the option to be turned off. Basically, it’s a win-win scenario.

According to Mike Duhaime, Global Director of Electrified Powertrain Propulsion Systems for Chrysler, “We’re taking highly efficient engines and upping the ante to further benefit our customers.” Many experts believe that stop-start technology will soon be a feature on vehicles throughout the Chrysler fleet. Compared to other available technologies, ESS offers a lot of benefits while having few — if any — drawbacks.

The new technology will be available in the Chrysler 200 and Jeep Cherokee beginning with the 2015 model year. Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is highly likely that ESS will come standard on these vehicles sold in Canada. If you are curious about how it works and interested in saving a little money with every tank of gas, visit Crestview Chrysler in Regina, SK.

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