Plan a Day Trip from Regina to Moose Jaw

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Whether you’re taking your kids or setting off with a few friends, you’ll find plenty of things to add to your itinerary while planning a day trip from Regina to Moose Jaw. Just a few of our favourite sights and attractions include:

  • Indian Head
  • Claybank
  • Buffalo Pound Provincial Park
  • Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Indian Head

Located an hour east of Regina, Indian Head is, naturally enough, home to the iconic giant Indian Head Monument, but that’s not all. A great place for history buffs, Indian Head also offers the historic Bell Barn, the Interpretative Centre, and the Indian Head Museum. There’s even a great golf course.


Also just an hour outside Regina is Claybank. This wonderful national historic site is a great pick for kids and adults alike. The little ones can go roaming around the Massold Clay Canyons while the adults can strike out a little further to explore the 256-acre historic Clay Pits. It’s a nice place to burn off extra energy and stretch your legs after a few hours in the car.

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

Centering on Buffalo Pound Lake, which was formed from glaciation about 10,000 years ago, the Buffalo Pound Provincial Park offers swimming at two public beaches and a pool, fishing, camping, mini-golfing, and biking. It’s a true dream for hikers thanks to number trails and access to the Trans-Canada. There’s even a captive herd of bison.

Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Once you get to Moose Jaw, why not go beneath Moose Jaw? It might sound like an odd idea, but there’s a series of passages right under the town’s streets. They’ve been connected to everything from the Chinese worker’s ‘Passage to Fortune’ to the bootlegging operations of Al Capone in the 1920s. A thrill for the kids and a history lesson for the grownups.

Explore the Best Attractions in our Area

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