Crestview Chrysler Has Six Tips to Protect You on the Road

May 26th, 2013 by

Driving TipsAs your Regina-area Chrysler dealership, Crestview Chrysler does more than just get drivers behind some of the safest, most luxurious vehicles on the road. We believe that part of our dedication to serving you includes keeping you informed, because, although it’s a cliché, knowledge is power.

Six Important Road Safety Tips

It would be silly to think that we could just narrow all the aspects of driving safety down to six digestible chunks, but these are some of the ones we think are the most important:

  1. Focus on defensive driving– We can’t overstress just how important it is to keep yourself 100% focused on the road; using techniques of defensive driving, such as being aware of the vehicles around you and expecting the unexpected, is one of the best ways to stay safe. Above all else, don’t try to multitask behind the wheel with a cell phone or mp3 player; it just isn’t safe.
  2. Plan your drive– Schedule stops for gas, food, and just rest breaks while you’re driving long distances. The fresh air will help keep you awake and alert, and this is a great time to take care of those calls you shouldn’t be making while you’re driving. Be sure to save vehicle adjustments for when you’re stopped too.
  3. Make car safety a priority– Auto safety is frequently something in the backs of our minds as we drive, but it really should be at the front. Secure everything from sliding around before driving, and don’t try to pick something up from the floor while you’re driving. Pull over or wait until your next stop. Have things like toll fees within easy reach.
  4. Time matters– We rush so much these days that people think they know how important time can be, but the fact is that your driving time is more important than, say, your eating time. When we say to plan stops for food, that includes eating while stopped. Eating while driving can be incredibly dangerous to you and your passengers. Always be sure to keep at least a two-second cushion between you and the vehicles around you as well.
  5. Slow down– We know, we know, you have somewhere to be, but faster driving means less room to account for any mistakes from you and other drivers. Speeding is illegal and it increases the risk of serious injury in an accident.
  6. Always think safety– Wear your seat belt, drive safely, and, while we think it should be obvious, never drive under the influence.

And be sure to schedule a tune-up before you go on any long trips.

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