Dodge Grand Caravan vs. Toyota Sienna

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Blue

Dodge Grand Caravan

2017 Toyota Sienna Tan

Toyota Sienna

Those currently searching for a new minivan to add to their garage know that there are a certain set of things they need in a vehicle. Mainly the vehicle will need to be incredibly safe, spacious, comfortable, and full of entertaining features. To get all of that and more, Regina drivers look towards the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan. To make it perfectly clear how suitable the Grand Caravan is for the job, we’ve compared it to a common competitor: the 2017 Toyota Sienna.

Incredible Performance

Many people may not expect much from a minivan when it comes to performance, but with the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan, they can. The Grand Caravan also clearly has its opponent beat in this arena. The Grand Caravan pays more attention to stability and safety by providing drivers with a wider wheelbase to better support the vehicle and its cargo. The Grand Caravan sports a 121.2-inch wheelbase while the Sienna’s wheelbase tops out at 119.3-inches. Both vehicles come equipped with a front-wheel drivetrain, but the Grand Caravan has more towing potential. The Caravan has the ability to town up to 1,632 kilograms while the Sienna is maxed out at 1,587 kilograms.

More Features Than You Can Count

An especially important area of focus for minivan owners is the availability of features that are able to make each driving experience comfortable and entertaining. The 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan does this easily by providing drivers and their passengers with a long list of standard and available features that its opponent, 2017 Toyota Sienna does not have. For example, the Grand Caravan comes equipped with features like a rear DVD entertainment system, leather seats, a navigation system, power windows, power driver’s seat, dual power front seats, a folding rear seat, and a UConnect infotainment system. Many of these features not standard on the Toyota Sienna. If you’re looking to save money without missing out on features, then the 2017 Grand Caravan is definitely the way to go.

The Choice is Very Clear

It’s clear that when faced with this decision, the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan is the only way to go. Not only does the Grand Caravan provide drivers with everything they need, but it also pays special attention to what Saskatchewan drivers want. You won’t want to miss out on your chance to own one of the best minivans on the market. Stop by Crestview Chrysler today at 601 Albert Street in SK and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you find the Grand Caravan model that best suits your needs. We can also be contacted by phone at 306-737-4958 with any scheduling questions or concerns.