2013 Jeep Patriot vs 2013 Ford Explorer

With all of the small SUV options on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one for your lifestyle. At Crestview Chrysler in Regina, we understand—and we’re committed to making sure that you know the facts before committing to one of our cars.

The 2013 Jeep Patriot is the latest in a long line of quality Jeep sport utility vehicles, and when we compared the 4×4 North model with its competitor—the 2013 Ford Escape—we found that drivers in the Moose Jaw and Regina area love the Jeep Patriot for its sporty look and smooth handling at a price that can’t be beat. As you’ll see in our comparison below, their decision between the two wasn’t a difficult one.

2013 Jeep Patriot

True SUV Styling

Over the years, the Ford Escape has undergone significant cosmetic changes—and of course, not all changes are for the better. The latest iteration looks more like a large hatchback than a small SUV. If you’re craving a true sport utility look and feel, the Jeep Patriot offers the iconic Jeep style that has proved itself on and off the road.

Easy Maneuvering

The Jeep Patriot’s slimmer build and lower curb weight (1,485 kg compared to the Ford Escape’s 1,653 kg weight) allows its driver to easily maneuver into tight parking spaces that may not accommodate the Escape.

Despite the Patriot’s slim build and low curb weight, however, it still offers a more spacious and comfortable ride for you and your passengers. While the Escape and the Patriot both seat 5 passengers, the Patriot offers a superior 1001 mm of rear legroom and better headroom overall, with 1041 mm for the driver and front passenger and 1014 mm for folks in the rear. In comparison, the Escape only offers 934 mm of rear legroom, with 1013 mm of headroom in the front and 991 mm in the back.

If you’re looking to carry cargo rather than passengers, the Patriot’s front passenger seat even folds completely flat for near-effortless storage when it isn’t occupied. The Ford Escape doesn’t offer the same convenience.

Affordably Priced

Perhaps the biggest factor in favor of the Patriot is the one that most all drivers cite as a major factor in their car buying decision: price. Even though the Patriot and the Escape offer similar Inline 4-cylinder engines, seat the same number of passengers, and tow roughly the same amount of weight, the Patriot’s starting MSRP is much lower. Just $16,245 will score you a baseline Patriot 4×2 Sport, while even the most basic Escape will set you back $21,499. We think that’s reason enough to consider the Patriot even if you ignore its advantages in fuel economy, size, and design.

Experience the Patriot for Yourself at Crestview Chrysler

If you think that the 2013 Jeep Patriot may be the choice for you (and even if you don’t), we at Crestview Chrysler believe that you’ll be sold on this excellent SUV as soon as you get behind the wheel. Contact us to schedule your test drive or stop by our Regina dealership today and put our theory to the test—we’re only 75 km away from Moose Jaw by way of the Trans-Canada Highway going east. We hope you visit soon!